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Latest News

Please give me the latest news on [insert topic here]

Story For Children

Pleas write a short story for childern about [subject] that is a fun and funny adventure.

Write An Email

Please help me write a e-mail in a friendly tone to my [Insert realtion] [Name].

Find TV Show

Please help me find a romantic comedy movie on Netflix

Help Me Learn

Please write a 1000 word detailed and informative summary about [thing or event]

Create Recipes

Please write me a easy to prepare [Italian] recipe for [Dinner, Lunch, Breakfast].

Sympathy Letter

Could you please write a kind and sympathetic letter to my friend [Name] and wish them well in the situation of [Condition or Problem]

Write A Speech

I need to give a speech at [event]. Please write a 300 word speech in support of [name(s)] for [occasion (wedding, engagement, birthday, funeral, etc)]

Natural Remedy For...

Please write a natural remedy for: 

Heartfelt Thank You

Please write a heartfelt 50 word thank you to [name] for [reason].

Support A Friend

I want you to act as my friend. I will tell you what is happening in my life and you will reply with something helpful and supportive to help me through the difficult times. Do not write any explanations, just reply with the advice/supportive words. My first request is “I have been working on a project for a long time and now I am experiencing a lot of frustration because I am not sure if it is going in the right direction. Please help me stay positive and focus on the important things.”

Content Creativity

Make the following content more creative [Insert content here]. Keep a good balance of elegance and simplicity.

There is so much more to come…!

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