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Examples: Write an article, write a letter to a fellow teacher, write a joke about geometry, create a lesson plan, give me some group discussion ideas… Let your imagination go… be free, create, succeed!

Type Your Request Above OR Use A Dropdown Below For A Carefully Engineered Prompt: Copy Text & Paste Into The Prompt Box Above. Edit Text Within The Brackets To Your Topic Or Need, Then Click Send!

Manage Behavior

Please suggest positively effective strategies for managing [a particular behavior] in the classroom?

Student Engagement

How can I make [certain topic] more engaging for my students?

Write A Blog Post

Write a 500-word blog post on [Insert Topic here]

Summarize Writings

Revise this reading to be more concise and to the point, no more than 3 paragraphs: [Paste copy of text you want to revise.]

Reply To Parent Email

Help me write a considerate response to the parent(s) of [insert student name] regarding: [Paste: topic, concern or copy of the parent or students email to you]

Positive Relations

What are 7 ways to build positive relationships with students?

Current Practices

What are the latest developments in teaching [specific subject]?

Study Guides

Build a study guide for [8th] grade students on [the amendments to the US Constitution].

Presentation Tasks

Create an oral presentation task for students in 5th grade giving a speech for the first time.

Ask For A Raise

Letter to my boss or supervisor: Please help me ask for a raise at my job. I have been a dedicated employee for [Describe Number of years/months] I am thankful for the oportuntiy, but I have come to a point where I think my experience and grasp of the position warrants a raise in my rate of pay. Please advise on how I proceed in having a talk about this? 

Teaching Practices

What are the best practices for teaching [a specific subject]?

Heartfelt Thank You

Please write a heartfelt 50 word thank you to [name] for [reason].

Board Proposals

Please write a professional and convincing essay I can present to the school board concerning [Problem/Issue/Concern].

Content Creativity

Make the following content more creative [Insert content here]. Keep a good balance of elegance and simplicity.

Lesson Plans

Please develop a lesson plan for teaching [Topic/course/study] to [Insert Grade Level] students.

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